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The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Mission Progress Report 2022

2nd December 2022

Photograph of The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Mission Progress Report 2022

This report published on 1 December 2022 shows the progress being made against the NDA mission to clean-up the UK's earliest nuclear sites safely, securely and cost effectively.

The NDA Mission Progress Report (MPR) demonstrates the progress being made across the NDA group since 2005, and how much work there is left to do over the next 120-plus years.

‘Progress' is described as the work being done in four important areas to reduce the hazards at our sites. Those areas are set out in our Strategy:

spent fuel
nuclear materials
integrated waste management
site decommissioning and remediation.
There are many different ways in which the Report describes the progress we've made. Some of those include how many buildings we've demolished, how much fuel we've reprocessed and how much waste we've treated and stored. We've used the same metrics for land, buildings and nuclear inventory, providing a clearer and more consistent picture for people to understand.

At a top level the Mission Progress Report shows:

The NDA group began with 1,043 hectares of designated land to clean up. As of today, we have 950 hectares remaining having dedesignated 93 (9%).

We have completed 4 out of 47 strategic outcomes
All of our sites have been defueled of Magnox fuel
All oxide fuel reprocessing has completed

Read the report HERE
Pdf 19 pages