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Business And Biodiversity

2nd April 2006

Photograph of Business And Biodiversity

Helping businesses conserve biodiversity across Scotland

The Business and Biodiversity Initiative provides businesses with free practical, on site advice on ways they can contribute towards the conservation and enhancement of habitats and species locally and nationally.

Enhancing biodiversity can have a wide range of benefits to businesses, including
improved employee satisfaction, improved image, reduced noise and visual complaints
from neighbours and improved environmental credentials.

Services available
The advisor can provide a wide rangeof services and advice. This typically includes:
- On site biodiversity review
- Links to local biodiversity projects
- Production of a Site Biodiversity Action Plan
- Advice on current wildlife legislation
- Projects with a socially responsible remit

Biodiversity Review
A biodiversity review is tailored to meet the objectives and requirementsof your company and can take between two days and oneweek. The review will generally follow three stages:

Stage 1: Site visit
The advisor will look at the biodiversity value present on site and discuss the organisation's requirements and objectives for theproject.

Stage 2: Identify projects
The second stage will look at the potential for habitat improvements on site and any local projects that the organisation can link in with either on or off site.

Stage 3: Produce site biodiversity action plan
This stage pulls together all the opportunities open to your company to bring about improvements to the local environment. It will include opportunities to tie in social responsibility through a structured set of agreed actions.

For further information or to arrange for a site visit contact Helen Dunlop on 0131 561 6262 or email

Scottish Natural Heritage

Caithness And Sutherland Biodiversity photo collection


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